Nov 17 2011

New vidéo d'Arnie Gundersen: l'accumulation de l'hydrogène à Fukushima

Qu’est-ce que cela signifie et pourquoi l’explosion se produit -elle?

TEPCO a récemment découvert accumulations d’hydrogène dans les bâtiments de confinement dans les unités de Fukushima 1, 2 et 3. Pourrait-il y avoir une autre explosion, et si oui comment? Fairewinds mène une expérience de laboratoire pour montrer que si l’oxygène est présent avec l’hydrogène dans une enceinte de puissance nucléaire, l’explosion d’une déflagration pourrait se produire.

La  situation à Fukushima,

un article convergent avec Arnie Gundersen , publié et a voir en entier sur

Figure 1: A generalized conception of what is taking place beneath the Fukushima reactors, cores at very high temperatures burning their way into the ground.

Large problems are looming larger in Fukushima as reports of short-lived radioactive fission products detected by TEPCO in reactor number 2:

– There have been far too many self-serving assumptions made by operator about the conditions within the four reactors. The assumption is the cores are all sub-critical as designed and installed by the utility. The detection of short-lived fission daughters indicates the assumptions are wrong and that core(s) are critical.

– If the cores material is spread out over a wide area or inside the reactor buildings the cores would likely be sub-critical and unable to produce fission products.

– That fission products are being detected indicates the core beneath reactor 2 is in a concentrated mass. What matters is whether the cores can or will become super-critical causing an explosion.

– Cold shutdown is an abstract (advertising) concept unrelated to conditions in the destroyed reactors at Fukushima.

– This is typical of the ‘modern’ approach that insists that problems of physics are subject to public relations.

– Unlike the Soviets at Chernobyl shortly after the explosions and meltdown, the Japanese have not bothered to send nuclear scientists into the reactors to determine the condition and location of the three reactor cores. Consequently, nobody knows anything about the cores.

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